Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Music I found

I Love this song.   Found it just out of the dark on Spotify.  Oh and I am working on a new portrait of a child finally.  She is so beautiful!  ...but it is just a present for people I don't even really know.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Stumbling towards meaning: Night of Fire and Glass

I really love this poem and hope you do too!

Stumbling towards meaning: Night of Fire and Glass: Seventy-four years ago, the Nazis marched through the streets of Germany and Austria, attacking Jews, smashing windows of Jewish-owned sto...

Friday, November 9, 2012

Practice Practice Practice

First Witness Sketch by Crowe
First Witness Sketch
   ....but have fun!  I am always "doodling".  This for me is practice and fun.  I do not have any work when it comes to drawing.  I just hone my skills through thought and practice.  I turn it into a game.  I see something, anything and then just start thinking about how to draw it.

       For me I do very little drawing from sight.  I work with photographs.  So I take a picture of my subject and break out my pencil.  Nothing to it, but to do it!  I print off my picture... or run to Wal-mart and get a print made.  I then Grid it and start drawing away.  More about that later.  But you'd be surprised the accuracy you can get this way.  Other than that I just doodle and practice simple shading from time to time.  Drawing is all about having fun... not being "an  artist".  Why do something that is tedious and time consuming... if you don't enjoy it!  Make it fun and anyone can succeed in drawing whatever they want!

     Like Birds.  This week I think I will start learning to draw bird and might even do it with a new friend that I met.  He had a great big book on Birds and even let me see it!  It was wonderful and had so many photographs of birds.... we'd never run out!  Hopefully he'd like to draw with me.  Well... until later tonight... good luck and god bless and keep on drawing or at least appreciating art!

                                                                                       - Crowe ~~~.v.~~~

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cleaning found old sketchbooks

Well, today I have not gotten a lot of artwork in... but I did straighten up my house... which led me to organize my art supplies and work area!  And now I am ready to roll!  I also found a bunch of photo's of some of my OST posts which I no have hanging up allover my kitchen walls.  I put them allover the place and some at odd angles... so it looks pretty neat!  I found a couple old sketch books, some from when I was a kid... and they are a blast to look at!  Boy!  I was out there man!  Must have been the drugs back then!  lol!  anyways, I am a bit sick... but getting better.  Maybe by the morning I will be ready to draw something new.  OHHHHH!  I forgot, I made a quick remix for Facebook of all people! lol!  I hope they like it!  I figured it would be funny if they actually post it!  LOL!  talk about kissing up to the boss!  Anyways, I'll let you know how it turns out. Take care!
                                                                           - Crowe


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Coffee Cup and more

Well, today we went to the local Coffee Shop / Deli and had a small lunch.  I brought my things along to draw, but couldn't concentrate on anything but the half empty cup in front of me.  So I sketched it.  Ahhh... not back for real quick.  But far from "done".  Then again it is a sketch book to practice and have fun with!  Which I really did.  Holly posted most of the day and then got sick feeling.  She is OK, but her head hurts.  Might be a Migraine.  Hope not.  Well, know how she feels in the morning.  I found a couple of cute things on the Internet to share, not mine though.  I have nothing new yet!  YET!  So until tonight I bid you a wonderful morning and a joyful day!  Love ya guys!  - Crowe ~~~.v.~~~

This one I call, "Hey!  Stop looking at my ManHole!!!"  I love it!

And this is called, "Coffee Cup, because I'm bored!"

Monday, November 5, 2012

Learning and Knowledge!

I Am ART!!!!

     Ok... maybe it ain't all that serious, but I am so happy today!  Today I joined The Art Network and subscribed to everything!  I now can watch thousands of class video and professional teacher and artist teach you new techniques!!!  I also got a year's subscription to Artist Magazine AND an account on a HUGE website dedicated to artists learning called WET CANVAS.  All in one day and am having a ball!  In fact, I just got up at eleven PM!  I passed out at the controls after twenty four hours of pure learning!  lol!  I am so excited to learn new techniques and All of the great art book authors are there!  This could have cost me thousands, but the Art network made it all happen for much less!  I am so indebted  to them for this opportunity to share and grow and learn.  I already am changing my styles and techniques and that is on the previews of the classes before I bought my one year subscription.

     Well back to the drawing board... HAAAA!  ...literally I guess!  That just popped out!  i wish you all the best and love you all! - Crowe

(oh and here's a coupon for Hobby Lobby my friends!)


Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Digital remixes I've made

Well well well!  Well well WELL!!!  Well well...  It's funny how many meaning you can get out of the same word!  lol!  Weeeeell????  Anyways, I am going to just put up a few pieces I finished today.  After completion, I personalized them for OST.  I will be working on processing a few personal photos for friend who are customers!  ...they pay the same price I charge for any simple picture touch up and edit, $5.00.